A Look at Our Shows

What if you could be entertained by...
legends like Frank Sinatra, BobHope, Tony Bennett, Johnny Mathis, Red Skelton, Engelbert Humperdinck and 30 more  -- ALL FROM THE SAME STAGE!  JILL JAXX has been the opening act for these icons and countless others.

Her partner,
 DANNY JACOBSONdoes jaw-dropping impressions of those legendary entertainers and over 200 more including Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, Louis Armstrong, Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, Willie Nelson, Tom Jones and Rod Stewart,  Danny's vocal impersonations are so accurate that you can close your eyes and believe that legend is in the room with you.

JAXX & JACOBSON have performed for hundredsof audiences all over Southern California and beyond. Please explore our site to learn about these gifted entertainers and how to WOW YOUR AUDIENCE with a show they will never forget

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